Kate Middleton

Kate and Meghan’s sister-in-law team up to watch the Wimbledon final!

Although these past two months have been “World Cup months” and the exciting soccer matches have given a lot of fans enjoyment, the Wimbledon tennis tournament is also very attractive. Even Kate and Meghan attended the Wimbledon women’s singles final, which was their first date.

Kate and Megan
Kate and Megan

As a simple date between these “sisters”, the two princesses were down to earth and low-key in their styles. This feeling of humility and decency was quite comfortable.

It is well known that since her marriage to prince William, Kate Middleton has been praised for her elegant temperament and outstanding fashion sense. She has even been considered as the next royal fashion icon. The Jenny Packham floral dress was very fresh and featured a small black print. There was also a touch of playfulness to go along with her grace. Asymmetric pleats on the shoulders and the waist are designed to accentuate the shape of the body. As for accessories, Kate still pays attention to details. The DG light coffee handbag matches this floral dress. The more than $30,000 Cartier watches are very expensive, and the royal style cannot be concealed. Kate, who was heading to the royal box with a big smile on her face, exuded an air of elegance and confidence.

Kate's look
Kate’s look

Look at Meghan, a new member of the royal family, who is wearing clothes that are also very good. She is decked out in a Ralph Lauren outfit with a white and blue striped shirt and white wide leg pants that become her very long legs. With a slightly open neckline and a little spontaneity, her entire being seemed to be in high spirits. The Altuzarra Ghianda handbag was also an essential as an accessory, and Meghan had a white Panamanian hat with matching stripes and handbag. However, the effect of wearing a hat was lost, because Wimbledon has a strict rule that forbids the wearing of hats in order to avoid blocking the view of the spectators in the back row. Wearing a pair of sunglasses changed her from casual fan to fashion cool icon.

Megan's look
Meghan’s look

Finally, let’s talk about their hairstyles. Kate’s hairstyle was still a royal wave. The brown wave hairstyle made her look more elegant and exalted. Meghan coiled her hair at the back of her head. Her hairstyle matched her clothing perfectly and gave people the impression that she is capable and experienced.

their hairstyles
their hairstyles

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Overall, the two princesses demonstrated good looks this time out. One wore a floral print dress and the other a crisp shirt with trousers. They clearly have different styles and looks, but neither one disgraced the royal family. I will always look forward to their next appearance.