Kim Kardashian

More hairstyles! Don’t like Kim Kardashian with YEEZY.

Before, it was reported that Kanye’s promotion of his own brand YEEZY will no longer be shown to the public in the form of a show. Instead, he will promote the brand’s new style and items through his wife Kim Kardashian’s wearing. Kim Kardashian recently wore a number of previously undisclosed YEEZY SEASON 7 items, including orange headgear, baggy overalls, leggings and boots. It has to be said that in daily life, fans pay much more attention to Kim Kardashian than to the direct promotion of the single product on the YEEZY show. In this way, Kanye saves a lot of publicity money while earning high attention to the new YEEZY series. Let me show some photos of Kim Kardashian’s wearing.

Kim Kardashian's wearing (1)
Kim Kardashian’s wearing (1)
Kim Kardashian's wearing (2)
Kim Kardashian’s wearing (2)

What do you think of these wearings? Do you like these items? After I saw these photos, I have to say that Kim Kardashian has a hot body. However, I think she should change her hair into more hairstyles. Different hairstyles can give people different feelings when match the same cloth. Straight hair or wave hair, short hair or long hair. Change your hairstyle, give yourself a new feeling.

different hairstyles
different hairstyles

But it needs you to spend a lot of time on styling your hair every day. In order to have different hairstyle every day, I highly recommend human hair wigs. Human hair wigs just like your own hair and maybe more natural than your hair. And you can choose some suitable wigs from various perfect wigs with different hairstyles. Believe me, wearing a wig is much easier than styling your hair. In addition, human hair wigs also provides different kinds of color for you which will save your dying time.

At the last, thank you for reading and hope you like it.