The division of Wigs market in United States

Quantity demanded of wigs become bigger and bigger as globalization grows up. From crazy football fans to T station for charming models, wigs already are the necessary goods for life. US and Europe are still the biggest wigs markets till now, especially US. We may divide it to three parts: high-grade hair extensions market, mid-range market, and low-end market. The different users have different demands for brands and quality of wigs.


The high-grade market is accounted for about 20% of total US market. The cosumer include the rich white and black people,a few jews. The price for high-grade market is higher 3-10 times than the one of mid-range and low-end market. Because all these people in this grade ask the best quality hair such as European hair, Brazlian hair and remy,virgin hair, which have the better style and silk feeling. There are some special requirements for two parts, wigs and hair extensions.

1. White people are very strict with the quality of wigs especially wearing requirements,and your working skill must be very elaborate. At presently,for hair texture of long dawn and big wave is still popular in US. More demands of black wigs are big wave, small braids style and mid-wave series.

2. high-grade hair extensions market, Remy series, more stringent requirements. General American whites and blacks and Jews, the rich group. Greater demand for Remy. Chinese hair is taboo among the Jews, generally made of pure Indian. In making these high-end products like, they should ask customers in the foreign service of the object. Thus, in the choice of materials and production to better serve our customers.

Mid-range market is still the main consumer market,and percentage is over 30%.The ratio of normal human hair wigs products always are 3-5 dawns. The ratio is higher,and the price is higher. When domestic manufacturers produce this series, it’s a very difficult things for how to make offers for them. The foreign consumers especially like this parts, so the demand is bigger than other grade markets.

The hair products for Low-end market include wool and chemical fiber products. The demands also can share 20% of total markets. Chemical fiber raw materials, accessories and caps market and also accounted for half of the country with the U.S. market.For the low-grade products, there is a big problem, which will be easy to bring some quality disagreements. So manufacturers must keep the consistence between samples and bulks.